Welcome to the gritty world of Athas, where the days are deathly hot, the wind will blister, and the nights are just as deadly. The world is broken; it is dying. It’s inhabitants struggle every moment of their lives to cling on to the hope of not dying. What chance do you have?

Desert Venture is a campaign set in the wonderfully grim Dark Sun setting. In keeping with the setting, this campaign will be deadly, unforgiving, and fun. It is meant to be a serialized campaign, as opposed to a series campaign. Every session will be episodic, and a complete adventure. Themes and overtones will be persistent throughout, as will some plot, however, much like American sit-coms, it will not be necessary to be present for every session to avoid being left out of the loop.

The idea of this campaign is to squeeze the most fun out of every session without the stress of having to be present for all sessions. To facilitate this, I have a few Home-Table Rules:


  • Players are to make three(3) first level characters. These characters must abide by all “normal” Dark Sun limitations. The standard twenty-two(22) point buy system will be used. Wild Talents are randomly generated with a d10 role.
  • Sufficient story and development may be used to ‘break’ one of Dark Sun’s rules, such as race, or class restrictions. Please message me for details.
  • Of your three(3) characters, every session, you will be able to choose one(1) as your “active character.” This is the character you will be playing this session. The other characters are considered to be back at the Guild House, waiting their turn for adventure and Glory.


The guild acts as the story lead-in for our characters. Banding together to survive Tyr’s upheaval, our characters adventure for profit and for survival. It is also a handy place to gear up, and to choose another character should one die…

  • Active characters receive 100% of both their xp and currency while adventuring.
  • Inactive characters receive 80% of the experience gained by an active character, and 25% of the currency. This is to represent the fact that characters may have other, mundane and boring, jobs to fulfill while the active character is off seeking adventure. It also ensures that should one of your characters die, the replacements will not be so far behind.
  • The guild will be able to store any weapons or equipment not in use for the characters.
  • Characters may “invest” in the guild by donating currency. This currency will accumulate a 5% interest, compounded every session. This will be used to upgrade the guild, buy large equipment, bribe the officials, etc.
  • The guild will offer access to a ‘fence’ to purchase and sell illicit goods, a ‘enchanter’ to unbind magical items, and others, as the game progresses.
  • Non-magical weapons and equipment may be traded freely amongst players and characters.
  • Magical items on Athas are rare. As this is the case, magical items will become bound to the first character who uses it. A bound item used by any other character will function as a normal item of the same type. (For example: A flaming falchion +1 used by character A. will only function as a falchion to character B.) Magical items become unbound upon character death, or by paying a fee to the Guild Enchanter.

Desert Venture

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